A Double stroller can be a very expensive purchase when it comes to your babies. It’s important to have a product that is functional, but also accommodating. Families that grow quickly often require a stroller for two or more children, which can become quite the careful and difficult to maneuver with only two parents. The UPPAbaby Vista Stroller by UPPABaby can function as a single baby stroller, and with a few additions can move a whole family of three children without much difficulty.

Parents looking for a double stroller aren’t always looking for one to accommodate twins, and the UPPABABY VISTA STROLLER caters to those who need to transport two or three children in one unit. Finally there’s a stroller that can grow with your family, and it will only take one family member to push it around.

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller – General Features

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  • The basic UPPABABY VISTA STROLLER comes with a bassinet as well as a toddler seat. This makes shopping smooth and easy, knowing that the first few stages of life are covered in one package. Many options are to buy a bassinet buggy or a toddler seat, so it’s nice to see this all-in-one feature.
  • The UPPABABY VISTA STROLLER is formatted such that it allows for the UPPABaby car seat to click into the buddy setting. This makes for a smooth transition from the car to the stroller, which is especially handy when the little one falls asleep on the way. It’s also useful for parents who don’t want to bring the bassinet on errands and fill up space in the car.
  • There is a large easy-access basket below which makes reaching the toys and diaper bag a breeze. Often the under storage is difficult to reach with a child riding on top, but this open and extra large space offers plenty of room to accommodate the gear of up to three children.
  • The frame and foam core rubber wheels allow for great suspension and shock absorption so everyone has a smooth ride. It navigates quite easily and with the tire structure the wheels will never become flat, so there’s no need to worry about a flat from a stick, stone, or anything else that might be on the path.
  • A great feature of this stroller is that it stands upright when collapsed. Gone are the days of fighting with the stroller in the parking lot just to get it set up, and then fighting again at the end of the day when you can’t remember how it collapses. With one fold this stroller is done and ready for the backseat or trunk.

The Bassinet Buggy

  • This stroller can function as a bassinet buggy as well as a traditional upright stroller. The bassinet fits into the top part, keeping the baby flat.
  • The bassinet is equipped with a vented canopy to keep the baby cool during daily outings. It also features a built in expandable SPF 50+ sunshade to keep the baby protected from the sun.
  • The mattress provided is aerated and vented, and along with the soft all natural lining it makes this buggy suitable for overnight sleeping.
  • All of these great features make this buggy setting not only comfortable and accommodating but also allows for an easy transition into the house after you’re done.

The Upright Stroller

  • Once baby has grown beyond the bassinet, the stroller operates as a traditional toddler stroller.
  • The toddler seat can be rear or forward facing, giving parents access to the child but also allowing the child to explore.
  • A great feature of the toddler seat is that it can adjust from completely upright to completely flat, which is great for when they fall asleep or get fussy around naptime.
  • A SPF 50+ sunshade covers the top of the toddler seat and is adjustable on the frame to cover children of any height.
  • The handle is telescopic, accommodating parents of differing heights. When parents are drastically different in height one may be uncomfortable due to the low or high handle, and this solves that issue.

The RumbleSeat Accessory

  • The RumbleSeat is an accessory available by UPPABaby to turn the single toddler stroller into a double stroller.
  • This addition attaches to the back when the toddler seat is rear facing. Keeping both children in line, and working as one unit.
  • The RumbleSeat has a canopy with SPF protection so both children are protected from the sun, and comfortable in the heat.
  • When both seats are attached, both toddler spaces are easily accessible by both children and parents. Often rear attachments are difficult to tend to because the other child can obscure the path. This attachment is different and gives both children space.
  • This seat has over the shoulder seat belts, just like the first seat, making this addition a great option for families looking for two seats and a stroller that acts just like any other double would.

The PiggyBack Accessory

  • Families often grow to three quickly, and many strollers aren’t built to handle a family with three children of different ages.
  • The PiggyBack accessory is an attachable rolling step. The step clicks into the frame when the toddler seat is rear facing. This step is meant for the oldest child, one that can stand on the board and hold onto the handle while the stroller is being pushed.
  • This is a great option for a family of three who are traveling with one parent. Trips to the park or even through the airport would be easier when all three children are in the stroller and can be accounted for.

Other Accessories of UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

  • Strollers are used as storage for the whole family when used on a trip. The purse as well as the diaper bag ends up in the bottom storage, coats and towels end up underneath as well. Parents are looking for other spaces to put their things, like iPhones and coffees, which is why the cup holder and parent organizer attachments are a must.
  • The cup holder snaps into the frame on the side of the handle, and keeps a single drink upright and accessible.
  • The parent organizer snaps into the front of the handle and has a cup holder and some pockets. The pockets are elastic at the top, securing your phone and other devices while keeping everything together.
  • The snack tray snaps into the front of the toddler seat and is great for outings that need snacks, like the zoo or even the airport. Keeping toddlers busy as also holding their cups and snacks as well as toys will make any trip smoother.
  • Rain shields and StrollerBlankies are also available to create an all-weather experience. This is ideal for commuting parents in the city who need to trek to the store and appointments no matter the weather.
  • The TravelBag is ideal for airline travel. This bag covers the stroller and makes it simple to check at the gate after using the stroller through the terminal. Parents often have to decide if they want to use a stroller, as most of the time it’s easier in the terminal and a pain at the gate. This bag along with the easy folding facilitates the time spent packing it, and makes it easy to check at the gate without worry.
  • Car seat adapters are also available for Graco, Peg Graco, and Chico car seats. This helps any new parent transition from car the stroller and not have to worry about carrying the child through the store, or moving them into the bassinet.