If you’ve been in a gym lately or in the past decade for that matter, you’ve no doubt seen some strange looking foam cylinders lying around. You might have even thought to yourself that they look strangely like pool noodles that kids like to play with while swimming in the summer time.

But beyond just looking strange, these objects serve a very important purpose in the exercise and fitness industry. At their core, they are designed to massage the deep tissues of the muscles which relaxes them, prepares them to work and overall reduce the chances of suffering an unfortunate injury.

However, due to the bulky design of the traditional foam rollers, they are difficult to carry around and are especially cumbersome for people who have to travel a lot but still want to get the benefits of rolling. Thankfully, there is a great solution to this problem and it is called the muscle roller stick.

This stick is essentially designed to operate on the same principle as the more traditional foam rollers. It serves to massage the muscle tissues of athletes and people who just want to stay in shape. The only difference is the size and shape of the object.

Of course, because it varies in shape from ordinary foam rollers, it can’t be used in exactly the same way either. Normal foam rollers require one to lie down on the floor and move their body in specific ways so that the roller is rolling beneath them. There are several types of these rolling exercises but pretty much all of them are performed on the floor.

The muscle roller stick on the other hand isn’t designed to be used that way. In fact, it would be very difficult to use it while lying down on the floor in the same way as traditional foam rollers.

The stick is designed in a way that it has one handle at each extremity with a patterned, high density material in the center. Therefore it is designed to be held with both hands and manually rolled over the muscles that the user is looking to massage. Needless to say this is much easier to accomplish while standing up or in some cases while sitting on a chair.

The whole purpose of the muscle roller stick is to provide with athletes with a way to perform what is called self-myofacial release. This is a technique that is specifically meant to stretch certain tissues within the muscles that prevent it from over-reacting. It is great for relaxing the muscles which increases their extensibility and overall makes them work more effectively with their antagonistic counterparts.

If the use of foam rollers has pretty much exploded in the past decade, it only stands to reason that the muscle roller stick will greatly gain in popularity as well. By providing essentially the same benefits as the traditional rollers but in a compact, easy to carry format, people who are often on the road for work of other reasons will undoubtedly find that it is of great use for massaging their muscles and keeping them healthy.