Getting Healthy Can Be a Bit Easier with a Good Vegetable Juicer

Getting Healthy Can Be a Bit Easier with a Good Vegetable Juicer

We are surrounded by unhealthy food options in our society. There is a fast food restaurant on every corner, there are vending machines filled with junk food in every office and every time you turn on the television you’re bound to see commercials for some kind of food that may look delicious but is certainly not healthy. For a lot of people that are trying to cut some of the junk out of their diet a vegetable juicer can be one of the most valuable additions to their kitchen.

For people that enjoy healthy eating a vegetable juicer can present them with a lot of options for a number of tasty recipes. But even for people who don’t necessarily like to eat their veggies, a vegetable juicer can make it easier to get the proper number of vegetable servings that we should all be eating every day.

A lot of the popular juice extractors on the market today are really good at getting juice out of fruits but struggle a bit with some vegetables. A lot of the most popular models are centrifugal juicers that use a blade spinning at high RPMs to get the juice out of your fruits and vegetables. A rapidly spinning blade is not always the best option for getting juice out of certain types of vegetables and a masticating juicer may be a better option.

A masticating juicer works at lower speeds and uses an auger to grind, crush and squeeze juice out of vegetables. A couple of the best vegetable juicers that I found are the Hurom HU-100 Slow Juicer and the Omega VRT350 Juicer. Both of these models use low-speed technology to extract as much juice as possible with minimal waste.

The Hurom HU-100 Slow Juicer uses a dual stage extraction process that crushes the vegetables and then presses the pulp for maximum juice extraction. The Samson 6 in 1 Electric Wheatgrass Juicer uses a single auger but still does a very good job of effectively extracting juice from vegetables that give centrifugal juicers a tough time. This particular model is very well built and even has a 10 year warranty.

Whether you’ve been a health-conscious individual that has been eating right for years or you are someone that has finally decided to turn things around and start getting healthy, a good vegetable juicer can be a very valuable addition to your kitchen.


Commonly asked question about electric shavers for men

What’s the Best Electric Shaver on the Market?

This is the one question that most shaver-shoppers want the answer to and it’s the one that’s most difficult to answer! It really is down to you whether you prefer rotary heads or foil shavers, for starters; after that it’s down to how much you want to spend and choosing between a series of large and small differences between the major brands.

If you’re looking for the best $40 shaver it will obviously have different features to the best $200 shaver, so be careful when hunting around that you compare like with like.

One good tip is to ignore Top 5 or Top 10 razor lists – often they include only one or two manufacturers, they can be marketing tools rather than proper assessments, they are generally the opinions of one person and they are rarely updated.  Here you can find the top 5 electric shavers in UK.

Choosing the right electric shavers for men

Look at your own requirements and know what you need. Then make sure you research thoroughly on manufacturer sites and review sites. Get acquainted with the relative strengths and weaknesses of the razor you are considering, before you buy it.Philips electric shaver for men

What are you after? Most people, of course, want a clean and close shave with no irritation – whether that means a foil or rotary head will depend on your personal preference. But do you need a razor that you can travel with, has a long charge, cleans itself, is usable wet and dry or is price the only factor you are considering?

Remember that your own type of beard will vary from other users and your skin is also unique so don’t expect “absolutes” with these items – it’s often a case of getting used to a particular razor over time.

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Do You Need Muscle Roller Stick?

If you’ve been in a gym lately or in the past decade for that matter, you’ve no doubt seen some strange looking foam cylinders lying around. You might have even thought to yourself that they look strangely like pool noodles that kids like to play with while swimming in the summer time.

But beyond just looking strange, these objects serve a very important purpose in the exercise and fitness industry. At their core, they are designed to massage the deep tissues of the muscles which relaxes them, prepares them to work and overall reduce the chances of suffering an unfortunate injury.

However, due to the bulky design of the traditional foam rollers, they are difficult to carry around and are especially cumbersome for people who have to travel a lot but still want to get the benefits of rolling. Thankfully, there is a great solution to this problem and it is called the muscle roller stick.

This stick is essentially designed to operate on the same principle as the more traditional foam rollers. It serves to massage the muscle tissues of athletes and people who just want to stay in shape. The only difference is the size and shape of the object.

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Just give him the Fruit Loops!

Recently, my fiancé and I went on a short cruise. If you’ve never been on a cruise before, let me just tell you – there are ample opportunities to eat. And that may be an understatement. I’m talking about pizza from 9 pm to 3 am. Cookies via room service at any hour of the day. Breakfast in the dining room from 7 to 9 am followed by a huge breakfast buffet from 8 am to noon. You get the idea.  I’d like to tell you about a family that was sitting at a table next to us at breakfast.

There was a teenage girl who appeared healthy and fit, eating her 2 plates of breakfast. There was a mother who made repeated trips to the buffet, who continued to announce what she retrieved on her last trip. There was also a boy who was approximately 8-10 years old. He had a bowl in front of him, along with milk and an individual size box of Fruit Loops. He was about to dump everything into the bowl and looked pretty happy about it. However, his mother kept trying to feed him other foods. “Do you want some of my bagel?” “You should eat some eggs.” “I got some bacon for you.” “You need to eat something else.” My fiancé and I looked at each other, thinking the same thing – just give him the freaking fruit loops!

The point is this: why do you think forcing him to eat eggs and bacon will be better for him than letting him eat his Fruit Loops? Which is clearly what he wants anyways? Is sugar really that much worse than fat and cholesterol? Or is it just the fact that you think he needs to eat more? Which brings me to another question – Are we doing kids a disservice by continuing the “clean plate” motto? According to the CDC, approximately 17% of kids age 2-19 are obese, a number that has tripled since 1980. Pretty alarming if you ask me.

But speaking of the 80s, I remember when my mother would make me finish my vegetables before I could leave the dinner table. The key word here is vegetables. When my parents made me finish my dinner, it wasn’t an adult’s serving of stuffed-crust pizza and breadsticks. It wasn’t 5 scrambled eggs with a ½ pound of bacon. Back then, we were still able to demonstrate portion control, and every meal wasn’t unhealthy. Back then, McDonald’s was a treat, not a regular stop on the way home from work.  And yes, back then, we were physically active on a daily basis. We enjoyed spending time (gasp!) outside. So much has changed in my lifetime, and I’m not even that old. Sad.

I don’t have all the answers. Heck, I don’t even have kids. But with 1/3 of American adults being obese and the kids not too far behind, I’m more than concerned.

Anybody with me?